360 Spring Street

*Mar 06 - 00:05*

At the beginning of those harsh winter months you started preparing me for this newness of sorts. But, in this case Winter sort of sidestepped us in lieu of a more purifying and elevated spiritualization of humanity. Sort of what Archangel Gabriel does for us in the winter season as the initiator of purity and self-control. Through ninety days of gratitude entries and another twenty thousand words of pure thought we have come to see our connection for what it truly is. We are best of friends and have learned how to communicate effectively with one another. You display your beauty I write and reflect upon its nature. Every 360 you present a new set of facts that allows me to document the growth of our experiences. We have been giving birth to a holy child. Me more of the oceanographer and you more of the initiator of these mysteries. The exploration of these conjoining energies and phenomena aids in our collective expression. A match made in heaven.

You show me ways in which I can rehabilitate and reincarnate into a better and more productive person. This is all done months in advance of your first sign of spring registration. At different intervals, I am cold, moody, and aloof like a hibernating bear. Yet, solid and patient with the differing opinions of my environment. A shift in energy occurs when I begin to sense you change frequencies. You start to tuck our Sun into your Capricorn flavored back pocket and then release those soulstices, which I must admit brings peace to my soul. But why? Your lights are florescent and dim but firmly rooted in the dusk of time. You bring love to its knees and usher in nonconformist attitudes about our world. Yet, I feel blessed at one moment and confused at other times. But, all is not lost as Herman Melville whispers silently in my dreams concerning the sequel to “Moby Dick”. We laugh and play but soon he turns mean spirited and realizes that he is withdrawn from our earthly activities.

Now, that I am have awakened to a part of myself that has been hidden I don’t have to be afraid to express those parts that needs light shed on their inconsistencies. The balancing of the emotions if you will and a continual cleansing of the heart. I learned that seasonally there is supposed to be a time of introspection and a seriousness for inspiring meditation. These seasons of life will give way annually for the procurement of our souls. Healing and the expansion of consciousness was made manifest during this time and my goal of bringing forth new life from the darkness of my womb was accomplished. Through Yeshua’s grace I can do anything that I put my mind to. He instructs us to “be still and know that we are Gods”, and to move things through consciousness as a process of inhabiting this natural world. My heart can how give birth to this influx of newness and biological processes. I now awaken to the higher self remain in covenant to “360 Spring Street”.

What I really need versus what I think I want.


As time begins to move life forward at an accelerated pace I am always challenging myself, think more and more about the things I really need versus what I think I want. Yes, security will be at the top of that list along with lots of money to travel and see this beautiful planet. But, truth be told I am in need of a deeper connection with the divine. I speak from a place of love and wonder concerning the beautiful nature of a creator that has set in motion the greatest reality ever known to man “Life Itself”. The air we breathe, the thoughts that we think, the love that we give, the time we spend and share with others, even the bad times carry significant progress for our soul’s development. God, is this magnificent life life that keeps on giving each and everyday, am I must start witnessing the truth of these everyday experiences.

Day in and day I must express these realities to the world in an attempt to add to the codified experiences of mankind. It will be a difficult proposition to behold if I was some hermit crab living at the bottom of the ocean, although beauty resides their as well. But, the point is that beauty definitely lies in the eye of the beholder (old Cliche). So, it’s not beauty itself that we seek but a centered place in which beauty can become apart of our experiences. Each and everyday you are adding to the very fabric of this cosmic plane whether you believe it or not good , indifference or bad. Your thoughts, works of art, creativity, sense of wonder, your smiles, those sips of warm coffee in front of the fireplace, those green tea moments of bliss as thoughts flow from your hands into those word spreadsheets.

So what is it that we really want that we are overlooking in this world? A small pat on the back, a simple hug, a nice compliment, confirmation that we are on the right path? Whatever the notion may be its all good. Life is beautiful and God will continue to shine on us as we grow closer to his light. In the past 9 years I have traveled a journey unlike anything I have ever experienced. “But God”. All I can seem to express is the fact that he was right their in the fight and was a present help in many trying situations. You see what I really need isn’t so much about more material riches, but about spreading my story in an attempt to help someone else who may have all but given up and or who thinks all is lost. Hang in there !

What you really need is a contemplative stillness that allows the divine to impart new truths and loving gestures into your soul. God, wants you to receive his higher nature and to position yourself to move in position to inherent his divine flow. Although, I thought I needed more money to pay my bills or to enjoy a better life, in the end I need more peace, confirmation, solitude, protection, action, love and grace from God himself. He will meet you right where you are but you must accept this path as a process that gives you room to grow, fail, make mistakes, and to learn within the same process.

Go in peace and spread the love.

Tyrone Brackens

The Spiritual Side of Children


There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter,
The air is softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.
-Elizabeth Lawrence


Contemplative Thought

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.”                                                                                                             Psalms 127:3-5 ESV

It’s vital to understand the heritage of children

Children were brought forth from a universal birthing process of epic proportions through a harmonic frequency. Their sojourn through the birthing canal gave way to a measure of imperfectability in the cosmos. The gift was perfect because it came from the hands of God to be grafted into a new modern day experience. The weight of this grandeur sophistication carries a broader mission as if it was the muse of a saintly poet.

Children definitely have a place in this world. Their ascension into time isn’t no accident as they are being sent to earth, to point us towards the birthing of a new dawn. In all of their unique differences, whether short, black, white, tall, Asian, transgender, Indian, Chinese, etc., they share these unique quality that can educate us concerning the variations of the soul.

If you view your own offspring differently in comparison to a 11-year-old child in Delhi, who is vulnerable to sexual abuse while selling flowers on a street corner; then stop this madness immediately. Children are an inheritance from God seeking expression in this earthly realm.

Children are seeds of a King

There is an underlying truth concerning these children’s voyage into these shores of time. As the King of all Kings, God set in motion what would be known as the greatest shift in the last trillion years of existence. A calling forth from the embryotic waters of time a genetic marker that would usher in change in the form of a new language. Multi-faceted in its approach, this expository language will shift our present understanding of gender and the meaning of love. It is God who has already shared the inner dynamic of this journey, through his plans and purposes that has already been set in motion since the beginning of the beginning.

It’s what John Black, a civil rights activist calls “Children of the movement”. Promulgating a new understanding of seed, time and harvest in which these children are being pulled apart from their cosmic beginnings in an effort to change the very fabric of our planet. Although “children of the movement” profiles prominent adult children of prominent figures in the civil rights movement, the deeper significance of this reality is one too great to place upon one particular race or group of people. Southern justice in essence was a clarion call for global justice alike.

We are witnessing seeds that are beginning to sprout after begin planted thousands of years ago, which has now returned in the form of song, dance, worship, smiles, love, truth, and a multi-faceted and radical wave of infinite possibilities. This is that generation that our progenitors prayed to God for, but we must not judge the form that these manifestations are coming us as. These children have come into this plane of existence to forge a new sequence of events concerning our cultural, social, biological and political identities.

God has a plan for Children

God has a plan for each and every child that is birthed into these earthly experiences. He is waiting patiently for the right Daniel to come along and to unlock the dreams of these children that are “seeds of a King” as I previously mentioned. Just like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, these children are already coming to earth with their gifts and talents trapped within their souls.

They are coming as skilled wizards who is cunning in all knowledge and understanding and Sciences, with this great ability to stand amongst Kings. So why make it a gender issue? These children are Kingdom genius’ but they will not be placed into box where their character has to change in order to fit an outmoded system of learning. These notions are definitely counterintuitive to Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theories, in which break a child’s understand in stages and process throughout the human life cycle.

Yet, they carry a similar vein in regards to giving children the freedom to explore not only their environments, but themselves which helps to enhance their learning experiences that may correlate with their ability to express themselves given the complexity of their psychological developments.

Don’t prohibit these children from coming forth

We live in a world full of possibilities where our imaginations can soar and where we have the innate ability to create the unthinkable. A world where life beckons us to create out of ourselves as an extension of the divine. A world that is full of beauty, love, joy, compassion and the fondest of memories. Now, the moment of truth comes in the form of a reality concerning our ability as adults to let these child geniuses to come forth. Instead of stifling and criticizing these exploratory moments we should be reflecting on the essence of God himself.

In order to do this, we must allow these creative child artists the space upon which to capture brilliant panoramic landscapes, like what Stephen Wiltshire has been able to create out the confines of his mental and magical moments. We must not arrest these children in their development, but let these creative, playful, and awe inspiring moments paint the future of tomorrow’s canvas. Throw out these abstract and concrete notions of doing things by the book, as these will no longer serve as model’s  of today’s modern child.

Final Thoughts

The earth must prepare for a new series of lessons being ushered in to the domain of learning. Children are coming to earth prepared and loaded with a sense of mission at birth. The contract was signed before the foundations of the world and now we must honor these differences. Yes, they are different, special and unique and will be heard on the basis of their scientific aims. They are not outcasts or misfits but a chosen breed of indifferent souls aimed at enlightening the world’s view of gender.

Silence As The Golden Flow


Silence as the golden flow of water
trickling down the moonbeams.

I scream in anticipation, But Silence
Screams louder and destroys my motivations.

Yet, I move on anxiously awaiting
The next round of adjustments.

Silence as the golden flow of birds
Chirping, while the water back peddles
Down my yoke.

I strangely considered the opposite as my
Diet took a turn for the best.

Beets, Melon dew, and peas with seas
Of shells and lobsters from hell.

The golden flow is all I know.

Reverse Racism


Healing the silent frustrations and deep wounds of the soul.
It’s what natural counselors deal with on a continuous basis.
They provide a listening ear and a spiritual depth that carries the seed for profound transformation.

The hurting heart is naturally attracted to the healing balm, wondering aimlessly in search of the master’s touch. Lost in translation they bury their pain with wet frustrations and burning sensations. Yet denying  the nagging circumference of their mathematical equation.

All the while, the world is in disbelief of the position the universe has granted unto him. She coalesces his meager aptitude and frowns at his shortcomings. Although he is full of potential the thought of a wasteful disposition surrounds his aura.

Brown curly hair and baggy jeans promotes his attire while his untied brown boots reek of mental disparity. He’s at the right place but can’t grasp the healing presence that surrounds his circumstances.

It’s been five long months since he was spotted as a member of the family, but has since succumb to the emotion of his experience. With nowhere to turn North Carolina calls him into a greater experience, and offers hope in the midst of a trying time. So long my friend.

The Incubation of Silence: Mending our Internal Fences.


Through the pain of indifference, you have not yet understood the meaning of disobedience. You have tried with mixed results to grasp the significance of your condition. Your communities are under constant fire and your leaders dumbfounded. But, yet I have a plan and purpose for your existence. My son, take heed to the words that I am about to speak as they will be health to thy navel and nourishment for the soul. You are entering into a new level of understanding concerning the significant of my thoughts and ideologies. Others may call this the great awakening but for all intended purposes, the incubation of silence has gathered in your midst.

At this present moment your thoughts have been trapped in the womb of time awaiting its release. The silence that you have experienced over the last 5000 is but a moment in time. I have taken you on a journey that was for your spiritual development. No other nation of people possesses these indistinguishable traits. You have been engulfed in the embryotic mother/father consciousness, and a door is about to open in order to release the light that has been hidden behind those dark clouds. The blinders in essence are coming off so that you can share with the world my secrets concerning the incubation of silence. The incubation of silence is a cosmological paradigm shift that will remove fear, disillusionment, old negative patterns, hostility and trauma. It will usher in a more loving presence concerning the divine.

Fear will no longer be able to corrupt the strands of your DNA, and create a fear based response to those impending dangers within your environment. Understand that these fear based thoughts were on a sub-primal level, which was actually beneficial concerning your survival. Things had gotten out of hand and you began to live from a fearful place. Considering, God’s retribution, pagan nations, spiritual blindness, slavery, and war on every side, you were able to overcome and remain standing for a time such as this. The birthing phase is at hand and you must push on in order for new life to spring forth. You are now receiving inner guidance in terms of my laws, creation, thinking patterns, disobedience, love, giving, truth, wisdom and so many other gifts from the divine.

Whether you believe this or not you have been swimming in the incubation of my silence. That’s why you cry out from the street corners, graves, and rooftops. You march in the streets, not for material things but for me to hear your voice. It isn’t your present foreign affairs that really concern your being. It’s my voice that you long to hear and to be comforted by. My spirit has been guiding you over these past centuries helping you to create more meaningful dialogue with yourselves and planet earth. You have an environmental heritage that has been rooted in the earth for eons. In a literal sense, that’s truly all you know to be the truth of my being. The learning that has been taking place while I hid you in the womb of my silence has been phenomenal.

It was I that first ushered in this dark melanin feminine energetic thought. You are only a seed that has been planted in her bosom, and is now requiring release in order to break new ground on your current experience. As a pregnant mother talks to her child in her belly while she yet longs for his/her touch. So, do I hold you in the belly of my womb in the midst of this surreal silence, waiting patiently for you to stop kicking, relax and surrender to the will of your father. Turn your entire life over to the spirit and watch yourself be guided in the most magnificent way. Just remain in a state of silence and allow my  will to be made manifest in your life. Out of this equation, miracles will begin to formulate and new levels of understanding will be found in the midst of your experiences.

All of this preparation is coming on the back of an idea whose time has come to spring from the soil of time. Life is beckoning your energy and I am about to give way to those longings. The world is in a desperate cry for help concerning her inner and external landmines. She is very hurt and has for many centuries tried to deflect the attention off her inhabitants. No longer can those silent pangs go unheard by the master himself. I have been teaching you to sort out the ego’s guidance and the manifestations of my spirit. I made it plain in my law that “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.” (Gen 25:23). Currently, you are swimming in a state of emotional unrest where conflict rules your environment. All you can do is remain steadfast and remember that you will never get put into a compromising situation, where guidance is not present and where there is no voice of reason available.

In this silent incubation of my spirit I have kept the training wheels on as a metaphor, giving you room to protect yourself from the wiles of indifference. In these moments of silence allow your spirit to speak while it can still be found. You are an energetic realization of the divine and must have your life guided by the silence of incubation. As a role in your coming attraction you must infuse the courage to heal, learn your incarnate lessons, and pass on these lessons through books, cd’s video’s or any media channel that you so desire. Remember, nothing is an accident and that all learning lessons vary according to an individual’s life purpose. Embrace your inner wisdom and allow those subtle messages to come forth, the ones that aim to add light and love into the cosmological fabric of life. It takes time but you will inevitably have to sort out that emotional clutter, and recognize that some of it will be stronger than the other, but that ancient wisdom will serve love’s awakening.

Tyrone Brackens.